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March 09 2014


eBook Millionaire Secrets Revealed 6 - Push Button Publishing!


Push button millionaire - Only a quick word here about word processors, and how to turn your eBook into the PDF file you may eventually have to be able to have your visitors buy and download it.

Push button millionaire - Lots of you, I am aware, will require using Ms word to process your text and create your eBook! If that's that which you are accustomed to, then that is what you should use but be aware that turning your Microsoft Word .doc file right into a PDF involves you in using another piece of software. (Just Google for PDF Converters. There's the right freebies out there!) Or you can pay for the greatest PDF software: Adobe Acrobat professional, which will allow you to produce a fully featured and secured PDF eBook, although it is very expensive.

In case you are ready to devote an additional hour or so, to find a brilliantly written and intensely useful piece of software then Google 'openoffice' and download the Open Office suite of software. The incredible point about this fully featured suite of software applications is it is completely free. And in Office Writer, the Office equivalent of Ms word, there exists a magic little button near the top of the page about the toolbar that may turn your text document in to a fully featured E-book. You may also add security measures. This free software program causes it to be so incredibly easy to make a E-book eBook out of your text i recommend anyone considering serious eBook publication to download a copy than it. Every time they visit your eBook creation easier.

Use Arial as your text font. It's one of the easiest fonts to read on screen, readily available for both PCs and Macs, and bundled with most printer software. Your main text needs to be 12pt - 14pt in proportions. Smaller text needs to be in Verdana that has been engineered to become easily read online. Larger text may be in Georgia or Times New Roman.

Add Headers and Footers in your document to get a more professional look. Place the Title of the eBook into the Header and copyright information and page numbers to your footer. Make use of the INSERT Menu to accomplish all of this. You will find the Copyright character under INSERT, then, SPECIAL CHARACTER

Utilize lists, both bulleted and numbered. This will make your information simple to absorb, and gives your reader a mental break from dissecting your paragraphs one after the other.

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